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Sampling for flow cytometry

Immunophenotyping of canine lymphoma

Aspirates are harvested into a mix of 0.5ml saline and 0.5ml EDTA plasma obtained from the patient, placed into a fresh EDTA tube. To ensure that adequate numbers of cells are harvested, 3 aspirates should be taken and injected into one vial. An aspirate is taken in the usual manner, but the harvested cells are injected into the vial of saline/plasma. 0.5mls of the fluid should then be withdrawn back into the syringe and then re-injected into the tube 2 or 3 times, to ensure all cells have been flushed out and to mix the cells thoroughly. The subsequent second and third aspirates should then be added. Samples should be shipped at room temperature and need to reach the lab within no more than 48hrs, preferably 24hrs. Please supply a FNA smear for cytological evaluation along with the cell suspension (even if the cytology was already performed elsewhere). Evaluation of the cellular details is essential in allowing a correct interpretation of the flow cytometry results. Cytology is included in the flow cytometry price.

Immunophenotyping of leukaemia

Blood samples should be sent in EDTA. Please supply a blood film so that morphology can be assessed along with Immunophenotyping. Bone marrow specimens should be anticoagulated in an EDTA solution made by adding saline to an EDTA tube. This solution is used to prime the bone marrow needle and syringe and the remaining solution left in the EDTA tube, to which the bone marrow is added. The tube needs to be mixed very thoroughly to prevent clotting.

Sampling Techniques

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