DWR Diagnostics

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry & PARR test for leukaemia and lymphoma


Test name

Test details

Sample requirement

Test code

Turnaround time

Flow cytometry blood

Immunophenotyping of leukaemia (includes CBC)

EDTA & fresh blood film


Same day

Flow cytometry lymph node

Immunophenotyping of lymphoma using an FNA harvested into EDTA plasma & saline. (See sampling techniques). Includes cytology.

EDTA, blood film and aspirates in plasma/saline

See sampling techniques


Same day

PCR test for clonality/PARR

Used in evaluating lymphocytosis to distinguish reactive and leukemic population in dogs and cats

EDTA blood or smears, lymph node aspirate smears


4-5 days

Test and Profiles

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